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Compositional tuning, properties and conversion of In2xga2-2xo3 Nanowires into I–III–VI2 Chalcopyrite Cu (Inxga1-X) S2
Authors: Matthew Zervos; Andreas Othonos
Year: 2015
Research Area: Nanowire synthesis
Type of Publication: Article
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Journal: Frontiers in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
In2xGa2-2xO3 nanowires were grown at 800°C via the vapor-liquid-solid mechanism on Si(001) using 1 nm Au as a catalyst and by varying systematically the In to Ga ratio. The In2xGa2-2xO3 nanowires have average diameters of » 50 nm, lengths up to 100 mm and consist of a mixture of phases belonging to the cubic bixbyite In2O3 and monoclinic b-Ga2O3. The nanowires exhibited room temperature photoluminescence at 3.1 eV which shifted to the blue upon increasing the content of Ga. In contrast we observe a strong red-shift from 3.1 eV to 1.8 eV after processing under H2S at 700°C due to the diffusion of S into oxygen vacancies and the formation of Ga rich In2xGa2-2xS3. We find that the deposition of Cu over In2xGa2-2xO3 and conversion under H2S between 100°C to 500°C resulted into the formation of Cu(InxGa1-x)S3 nanowires with smaller resistances and a stronger red shift in the photoluminescence from 3.1 eV to 1.5 eV close to the energy gap of Cu(InxGa1-x)S2.
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