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Ultrafast Spectroscopy and Red Emission from β-Ga2O3 β-Ga2S3 Nanowires
Authors: Katerina M. Othonos; Matthew Zervos; Constantinos Christofides; Andreas Othonos
Year: 2015
Research Area: Ultrafast Spectroscopy
Type of Publication: Article
Journal Details
Journal: Nanoscale Research Letters
Volume: 10
Number: 1
Pages: 304
Ultrafast pump-probe and transient photoluminescence spectroscopy were used to investigate carrier dynamics in Î{\texttwosuperior}-Ga2O3 nanowires converted to Î{\texttwosuperior}-Ga2O3/Ga2S3 under H2S between 400 to 600Â?Â{\textdegree}C. The Î{\texttwosuperior}-Ga2O3 nanowires exhibited broad blue emission with a lifetime of 2.4Â?ns which was strongly suppressed after processing at 500â??600Â?Â{\textdegree}C giving rise to red emission centered at 680Â?nm with a lifetime of 19Â?Î{Œ}s. Differential absorption spectroscopy reveals that state filling occurs in states located below the conduction band edge before sulfurization, but free carrier absorption is dominant in the Î{\texttwosuperior}-Ga2O3/Ga2S3 nanowires processed at 500 to 600Â?Â{\textdegree}C for probing wavelengths >500Â?nm related to secondary excitation of the photo-generated carriers from the mid-gap states into the conduction band of Ga2S3.
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