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Broad compositional tunability of indium tin oxide nanowires grown by the vapor-liquid-solid mechanism
Authors: M. Zervos; C. N. Mihailescu; J. Giapintzakis; C. R. Luculescu; N. Florini; Ph. Komninou; J. Kioseoglou; Andreas Othonos
Year: 2014
Research Area: Nanowire synthesis
Type of Publication: Article
Journal Details
Journal: APL Materials
Volume: 2
Number: 5
Pages: 056104
Indium tin oxide nanowires were grown by the reaction of In and Sn with O2 at 800 °C via the vapor-liquid-solid mechanism on 1 nm Au/Si(001). We obtain Sn doped In2O3 nanowires having a cubic bixbyite crystal structure by using In:Sn source weight ratios > 1:9 while below this we observe the emergence of tetragonal rutile SnO2 and suppression of In2O3 permitting compositional and structural tuning from SnO2 to In2O3 which is accompanied by a blue shift of the photoluminescence spectrum and increase in carrier lifetime attributed to a higher crystal quality and Fermi level position.
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